Saturday, April 4, 2009

jOra, an excellent Oracle Development plugin for Eclipse

My new job has me spending more and more time working with Oracle and PL/SQL. Up until recently, I had been getting by with the functionality provided by the Eclipse Data Tools Platform, but I have been having issues using it more recently.

The other day I came across jOra, an Oracle specific database browser/editor plugin for Eclipse. It is
much more powerful and flexible than the datatools plugin. Unlike datatools, it supports using synonyms for code completion; this is very useful if you need to work with a lot of objects that don't belong to your schema (assuming they have synonyms). Another nice feature is that it lets you bookmark frequently used table/views/procedures so that you can quickly get to them without digging through the schema.

If you use Eclipse and need to work with Oracle and PL/SQL you should check it out.

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