Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to view the browser history in Chrome for Android

For some bizarre reason the beta version of Chrome for Android doesn't expose a menu option for accessing the browser history. Thankfully, the latest (Apr 17) update includes support for accessing the history via the chrome://history/ URL (just type it into the URL bar). You can always bookmark this URL for future reference.

Hopefully they will add a menu option soon, but till then you can use this workaround.



Anonymous said...

Sweet, you just saved my heinie

Adrian Grant said...

Great Tip

Pablo H. Horvath said...


Unknown said...

I think that's pretty helpful!
You can also use android device manager history

Unknown said...

When you surf internet,clearing history is much required for safe and security.Google Chrome Help is the best site to go if you are facing any issues while using chrome.

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